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    New SocialFarts

  an unsanitized bubble of truth

There are many options available if nothing catches your eye right away:
  1. Suggest a topic and we will try to generate a special new SocialFart in your honor. Specify whether you would like this SocialFart dedicated to you or to your intended giftee in perpetuity. (Spread your name on the net on the wings of truth!)

  2. Request a customized SocialFart uniquely tailored to yourself or to your recipient. This is a one-of-a-kind item, and your loved (or hated) one will know how much trouble (and expense) you went to, to make him or her such a special target. We can communicate privately by email about price and content.

  3. Take a crack at writing your own SocialFart in the structure we have established, and send it to us for review. If your submission is used in whole or in part we will reward you with SocialFarts gift certificates. (This is a great way to pay for your growing SocialFarts habit!)

  4. Subscribe to our SocialFarts mailing list. Receive notices of new SocialFarts and additional SocialFarts momentos as they are produced. Be the first to send new SocialFarts to your network (if they haven't disowned you yet!) Click here to subscribe instantly on our subscription page, or if for any reason that doesn't work, just click SEND on our subscribe email (and allow a few days for processing).