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    What is a SocialFart?

  an unsanitized bubble of truth

A SocialFart is an unsanitized piece of real thought and feeling that somehow escapes our careful packaging. It floats around the room annoyingly, while everyone exchanges puzzled glances at the incongruous thread of truth that arrived unannounced and uninvited. As it slowly dissipates everyone resumes their endless chatter in a vain attempt to cover up a world that has gone terribly, terribly wrong.

Many post World War II babies grew up with the promise of a modern era that held hope for prosperity and equality. For the first half of our lives we clung to this image, spoke up when we could, and then slowly sank beneath the weight of our society's relentless social and commercial programming.

Now fully domesticated and suitably enslaved, this literally dying breed is starting to contemplate what went wrong and whether it even matters to us anymore, now that our cholesterol is up and our memory for detail is slowly eroding. We are becoming a cranky bunch, not brave enough or sure enough about ourselves to speak up clearly, but not quite defeated enough yet to silence ourselves entirely.

The result is an odd form of social indigestion. The gasps of half dead baby boomers, struggling to maintain what privilege has not already been downsized, come out in fits and starts (or rather farts and burps) as if we have only a few bubbles of sanity left, which occasionally float to the surface to embarrass those around us who are busy maintaining their collective illusions.

The ultimate gift - something unexpected, a tiny surprise, a subtle shock - a SocialFart is designed to disturb someone's day, and with luck, to affect their mind and their life forever.