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    Structure of a SocialFart

  an unsanitized bubble of truth

  1. Each SocialFart starts with a title of one line or less, followed by a subtitle framed in the manner of A.A. Milne's Winnie the Pooh, a childhood favorite of North American baby boomers, starting with "... wherein" and ending with a brief hint of the content to come.

  2. Each written SocialFart comes with a visual image, to help those of us who were raised partly on children's picture books and partly in front of a television. The authors make no apology for the fact that there may be too many words in a typical SocialFart for subsequent generations. (Younger readers please wait for the movie, cartoon or video release).

  3. Below the title and graphic, each written SocialFart has four distinct features:

    • the "pith" - a short stark statement of truth at the core of the SocialFart;
    • the "explanation" - one paragraph explaining very clearly the real practical meaning of the SocialFart;
    • the "consequence" - one equally clear but often more powerful paragraph confirming, outlining or predicting the practical future outcome or consequence of the SocialFart's "pith" and "explanation", no matter how gross, frightening, morbid, disgusting, uplifting, profound or absurd;
    • the "reference" - a hint or two that will open a door for reader follow-up. We list specific books by title and/or author only, and assume that the reader (or his/her favorite bookseller) has internet access such as to the following sites: