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    Rules of SocialFarting

  an unsanitized bubble of truth

  1. Each SocialFart is complete in itself and it doesn't matter what order you read SocialFarts in. SocialFarts make good bathroom reading and are excellent as a late-night sedative. Extended dramatic readings of SocialFarts at otherwise gracious social gatherings will cause blank or disapproving stares (just as will single SocialFarts released quietly into conversation).

  2. Each SocialFart contains a statement of truth. But no SocialFart is totally correct, even if it is too close for comfort. The authors take no responsibility for the effects of a SocialFart if released into a closed room.

  3. If a SocialFart displeases you, criticizing it is futile - the damage has already been done. If you are inspired to respond, do so by generating your own SocialFart rather than by chasing those of others.

  4. SocialFarts™ has been copyrighted and trademarked by the authors in a vain attempt to profit from their crankiness. However, the reader is hereby licenced to use the expression "SocialFart" as often as needed in day-to-day conversation.

  5. If you want to write your own SocialFarts, please call them something else, or you could become the object of a courtroom SocialFart, and/or a cranky lawsuit. If you want to contribute to Social Farts, however, we welcome your input (click here).